Aug 3, 2011

Contest Problems

Hey all, Well what a week this has turn out to be, When i post the Contest on MY BLOG, Mid July These were the rules Make a tag with this kit using any RAC tube And send it to email For a chance of winning $10 GC to RAC Store 2 entries per person (you can write my name on it) I will be posting tags on my Facebook For votes ( to help me out on choosing) But I still get to choose the winner at the end, Deadline July 31 I got a email from few that their friends couldn't vote, well i uploaded it to PB Bottom line I choose still, So when i went to my fb and saw the amount of Votes there was for Bren, I new the tag to had to be a great tag, But i also like Melissa from when she entry it, So i was stuck, So i Spoke to Sam from RAC Staff, and she said i can divide gc and i did, that is how i choose my winners, Now For all the other entries, I have sent a email saying that ya did a great job and get a free kit from my Collection and reply me with your choice, Now On the FB RAC group when i posted the Winners There was a entry chick that threw a trantrum cause she didn't win, and stir a storm in a glass of water, I was told off to the point that i have made a police report for cyber bullying, I will not stand for it, ( i have screenshots) I also have gotten emails, from ppl i don't know that my police report has, I ran my contest fair and square, and everyone got something, Just one thing PSP Is suppose to be fun, IT DOESN'T PAY MY BILLS, I like giving away free things, and when i can i give gc and tubes out, But for this to turn into a horror scene i rather not give any more freebies or contest, i am really thinking over if i should pull my freebies for this mess, PSP now seems like a horror flick then fun, I have stated my thing, Have a wonderful day Cause i am not.