Mar 27, 2010

Updated Blog

I am updated my blog. It's still a little messy but it's up and running

Mar 26, 2010

Eastre Scrapkit

Eastre- This kit is a Spring/Easter kit, It has 200 elements and 70 papers and Bonus Alpha & Styles and Patterns In the elements there are special elements Such as Posers and Frames, The reason i names it Eastre is cause, Eastre was a Goddess of Easter and Spring It's been uploaded at stores

Mar 22, 2010


This kit has a little of everything in it. Tagger Size Personal Use only. Yeah And it has a weird name lol Its been uploaded at Stores

Naughty Or Nice

Mar 21, 2010

CU Items

Up at Stores Now


Download Here Full Packs in Store

Beloved Grandfather

This is a special Collab Created by 5 designers to raise money for a designer on our store, She lost a very special member of her family. We are raising money for the funeral expenses. There are 4 full kits and 1 template. Please help us by buying this kit. Thank you UnderGroundScraps Staff

Mar 13, 2010

Check Your Batteries Day

Check your Batteries with Black Widow And Come Check out the Sale at UnderGroundScraps Black Widow is on sale for $1.00 on everything. 25 % off Grab Bags and Designer Services Sunday only Let's Shop Here

Mar 12, 2010

Underground Blog Train

Looking for Designers For a Special Request Kit Read more at the Blog


Tutorial By Black Widow Kit Used: Love's Poisonous Kiss By Crimson Butterfly Scrapz

In Love

Tutorial By Black Widow Kit Used: Burlesque Tagger

Mar 11, 2010

Black Widow Dollar Sale

Having a Dollar Sale All my Scrapkits are 1 dollar Yeah you heard right $1. and Custom and Grab Bags are 25 % off And their is a sneak peek now going on but the Sale is only at Kreative Korners Go Check it Out Here

I Don't Need No Love In My Life

Tutorial by April Kit Use- I don't need no Love in my Life

Kiss Me Im Irish

Tutorial by Donna Designsz Using my CU St, Paddy Grabbag

Mar 7, 2010

Hot Or Cold Exclusive Kits

This Kit has 2 parts for it. (2 designers) My part is Cold, Here Darkmoon Dream is Hot and can be found here Or you can find the 2 kits together for one price here

Easter CU Grab Bag

The Grab Bag has 29 Elements Styles and Patterns For Photo Shop and Paint Shop Pro At Stores Now

Mar 5, 2010

Buy My Store

My all my kits and CU items for a low price,
( I am really late on my car payments and if I don't pay they will take my car away) I am short on 250 dollars, So I am selling my store for $20 dollars.
Its been uploaded at stores now.
There are 41 items kits and cu items for 20 dollars.