Feb 26, 2011

Wat EvEr Add On

This is a Add - on Freebie To the kit Wat EvEr just has a few elements and papers you can download it Expired under freebies

CU Items

New CU Items Has been made and Uploaded @ Stores now

Feb 25, 2011

Wat EvEr

Wat EvEr Well i have a friend on the PS3 Network that i play BLk Ops With, And he just knows how to press my buttons And when i get mad at him I Say Wat EvEr and then he tries to say it too, But i tell him that is not how to say it, Well i made this kit just for my Friend Outfit (My Homie on PS3) Has been uploaded at Stores, Yea 2 stores UGS Tag & Tutorials

East Wick

Tutorial by Whispers of Twilight Kit used Creepy Gene A Dark Love

Feb 22, 2011


Tutorial by Vikkey Kit used Huztlers

Heart Fill & CU Freebie

The Heart Fills & key Chain Are something that i was fooling around in PSP and i made them, and have been uploaded at UGS for only 1.25 and The freebie is a skull fill That you can download expired under freebies

Feb 19, 2011

Spring Time Fun

This Collab is for the Spring Time. Its full of fun things, You can buy it for 5.00 Or You can Spend 4.00 in the store and get it free, Must have $9.00 or more in the cart (including this collab) for coupon to work, Please enter Spring_Fun at checkout, Only @ UGS

Feb 17, 2011

Spring in the Air

Spring in the Air, Well this kit has many flowers, I love the colors, very springy, It has been uploaded @ UGS.

Feb 14, 2011

V-day CU Freebie

Day 4 Happy V-day all Download your freebie Here Hugs Cari

Feb 11, 2011

V-day CU Freebie

Hey all, Well i taught to myself i want to do something for my fans, Well V-day is on Monday And my b-day is Sunday So i am going to have freebies All Weekend Long, But I have sad news, Due to some bad people i have to upload all my freebies to my store, But they will be Free Just add it to the cart and check out i am sorry but it's better that way I will be slowly uploading everything Hugs Cari Download Here

Feb 9, 2011


Tut by Mellissa kit used Huztlerz


Lucky well i am not irish but i have cousins that are half irish and i made this, But Happy St. Paddy's Day Has been uploaded at UGS

CU Items

Vera Has been uploaded at UGS hugs Cari

Feb 8, 2011

Feb 4, 2011

My Heart...Your Heart...Alpha Freebie

Expired under freebies My Heart...Your Heart...Every Woman's Heart Read more this here
February 4, 2011 is National Wear Red Day to promote Heart Health for Women. I hope that you will consider wearing red that day, even a scarf or mittens, to show your support. Hugs Cari

Feb 1, 2011

Starving Artist Blog Train

Show the love Blog Train expired under freebies Grab other Freebies

Love is in the Air Freebie

Well this is my gift for all my fans To celebrate the Love that i have for all of you gals & guys It's a freebie Expired (under freebies) Please leave me some love If you make anything with this please Show me,