Sep 30, 2010

Oh Frankie

UGS Collab

This is our Store Collab, Spend more then 5.00 and get this free just enter this coupon code at check DevilNight at checkout and get it free. or you may buy it for 7.50

Sep 23, 2010

Sep 22, 2010

Your Star

Tutorial by Julie Kit used Shooting Star

Tag Contest

u Must be Using any SAC Tubes, And no gorjuss stuff please, Thanxs and have a great Day xoxoxo Cari *** Must buy kit to be enter***

Sep 21, 2010

Naughty or Nice

Tutorial by Breena kit used Naughty or Nice Kit is now free and on freebies page

Sep 19, 2010

Halloween is Here

2 New Halloween One is Cute and Dandy And the other is Gothic and Evil They been uploaded at stores xoxoxo Cari

Custom Services

Custom Services Are Back And Ready to make, Go 2 any store to purchase your layout today xoxoxo Cari

Sep 17, 2010

Friends & Followers

Friends and Followers Well, I just don't know what to say anymore, I am not going to allow new scrapper ruin me, even if she has friends that been around longer, Here is the true that happen, I been having trouble with a designer ( no name) and we were in a back and forward on emails, I am a person that is a stubborn, I admit it, Also i get mad when some1 treats me bad for something i didn't do. So this designer said my friends name, and i just continue doing talking, Then this designers tells me that my friend talked trashed, And i am already irritated, And i got P*ssed off, and i just couldn't take it no more, and i went on FB and Vented out. I know that i shouldn't of done that, But My fb is a place not only for my designs but i also have friends and family on that, So i get to talk to everyone in one place. I have a friend her name is Nancy and me and her been friends for a while now, and i tell her everything. And i told her stuff that i know it was meant to be Quiet, but i just opened up on her, Last weekend i took a mini trip out of state for something that i had to do personal. and my store manager was fooling around trying to delete stuff and put some stuff for free, She came clean and told me, I am very sorry this happen and i am willing to pay for any of the stuff. Also the paypal it wasn't suppose to be sent just yet, i always pay at the beginning of the month, But SM sent payments too, Without my permission but she tried to canceled the payments so i won't see but i just cancel that, it was really canceled by paypal, So Here i am writing this so everyone can know my side of the story, But I never said any1 names on here except my friend's Nancy that she knows i am writing this, Thank you and have a nice day, Cari

Sep 16, 2010

PTU kit now 4 Free

I made this kit awhile ago with a friend, but this friend is not a friend anymore so i decided to put this kit for free for any1 that would like to take it, a PTU kit is now FTU Grab it here at the freebies page

Sep 2, 2010

Sep 1, 2010


This kit is a gothic Kit, Yeah it's been awhile so here it is Grab it hot at any store xoxoxoxo

CU Items

Has Been uploaded at Stores Now,

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