Aug 20, 2011

Late Summer Team Collab

Late Summer Team Collab Is up for sale at Scrap it Sassy Get it today the above is my part but its a great kit, Grab it here

Aug 13, 2011

We Will Rock you Freebie

Download Here I made this for a store i joined but Just recently read the small print and quit, So i am giving the collab free, xoxoxo

Aug 4, 2011

PSP Addict Exclusive Kit

This is a Exclusive kit for Tagger's Lounge. To get this kit you must join the forum and follow the rules to get it, Go Here

Long Live The Holidays Collab

Long Live The Holidays Collab Come Grab it at La Paradis Du Scrap For only 7 dollars YAY Cu & PU use

Aug 3, 2011

Contest Problems

Hey all, Well what a week this has turn out to be, When i post the Contest on MY BLOG, Mid July These were the rules Make a tag with this kit using any RAC tube And send it to email For a chance of winning $10 GC to RAC Store 2 entries per person (you can write my name on it) I will be posting tags on my Facebook For votes ( to help me out on choosing) But I still get to choose the winner at the end, Deadline July 31 I got a email from few that their friends couldn't vote, well i uploaded it to PB Bottom line I choose still, So when i went to my fb and saw the amount of Votes there was for Bren, I new the tag to had to be a great tag, But i also like Melissa from when she entry it, So i was stuck, So i Spoke to Sam from RAC Staff, and she said i can divide gc and i did, that is how i choose my winners, Now For all the other entries, I have sent a email saying that ya did a great job and get a free kit from my Collection and reply me with your choice, Now On the FB RAC group when i posted the Winners There was a entry chick that threw a trantrum cause she didn't win, and stir a storm in a glass of water, I was told off to the point that i have made a police report for cyber bullying, I will not stand for it, ( i have screenshots) I also have gotten emails, from ppl i don't know that my police report has, I ran my contest fair and square, and everyone got something, Just one thing PSP Is suppose to be fun, IT DOESN'T PAY MY BILLS, I like giving away free things, and when i can i give gc and tubes out, But for this to turn into a horror scene i rather not give any more freebies or contest, i am really thinking over if i should pull my freebies for this mess, PSP now seems like a horror flick then fun, I have stated my thing, Have a wonderful day Cause i am not.

Aug 1, 2011

RAC Contest Winners,

Well it was a very tough to decide and i got down to 2 tags, so i decided to split the winning pot in half, Winners are Bren with this tag
And Missy with this Tag
Congrats girls Gift Cards have been sent,

3 New Personal Use Kits

New Personal use Kits, Have been uploaded at stores,

New CU Items

New Commercial use Items Have been uploaded at Stores

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The Goodie Train

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