Apr 24, 2013

Spring Contest '13

Download here 

Hey all, 
I was thinking to have a lil contest 
Deadline for Contest is May 25, 2013 

Here is what i want 
I want you to download the kit 
and Get any Tube, (must use a tube) 
Make a tag, 
On the Tag must say 
I love Black Widow 
or Fan of Black Widow 
or whatever you want but must 
say Black Widow on it with love or something else, 
 After that make sure your copyright info is correct 
after that email all tags to 
with tag entries 
Please note you can enter as many tags as you want, 
after i recieve them i will post 
them on my facebook page 
under albums Spring Contest '13 
where the fans and your friends can 
like the tag 
And the end of contest the person with the most likes 
will win, (if there is a tie i will close my eyes and choose one)
First prize 
a $5.00 GC to SATC 
5 Kits from Me - Black Widow 
Second Prize 
$2.00 GC to SATC 
2 kits from Me 
Third Prize 
1 kit from Me 

All tags must 
be copyright complaint 
be no more then 600 x 600 
and in jpeg only
That is all folks 
if you got any questions email me 
Have Fun Taggin