Dec 17, 2010

Here is some Sad News

I was recently accused of stealing and pirating some scripts that i used in my kits. And this designer created a war in a cup of water. And i proved to them that i brought the scripts from the store with my reciept, and now they been going around telling stores about this and i have been banned and kicked from a couple of stores, And yet i have no recieved a sorry, I think this is very unfair, One of the stores i brought a couple of things and the zips don't work so i emailed the store and nothing at all, now i went to paypal and asked for my money and this store owner is saying stuff about my sister and me are the same person,(if me and my sister were the same would i be buying and spending money ???) I really don't know what to do anymore, i am a nice person for people to take advantage of me, I am tired of it, Well that's all i have to say, Happy Holidays All, Cari