Sep 17, 2010

Friends & Followers

Friends and Followers Well, I just don't know what to say anymore, I am not going to allow new scrapper ruin me, even if she has friends that been around longer, Here is the true that happen, I been having trouble with a designer ( no name) and we were in a back and forward on emails, I am a person that is a stubborn, I admit it, Also i get mad when some1 treats me bad for something i didn't do. So this designer said my friends name, and i just continue doing talking, Then this designers tells me that my friend talked trashed, And i am already irritated, And i got P*ssed off, and i just couldn't take it no more, and i went on FB and Vented out. I know that i shouldn't of done that, But My fb is a place not only for my designs but i also have friends and family on that, So i get to talk to everyone in one place. I have a friend her name is Nancy and me and her been friends for a while now, and i tell her everything. And i told her stuff that i know it was meant to be Quiet, but i just opened up on her, Last weekend i took a mini trip out of state for something that i had to do personal. and my store manager was fooling around trying to delete stuff and put some stuff for free, She came clean and told me, I am very sorry this happen and i am willing to pay for any of the stuff. Also the paypal it wasn't suppose to be sent just yet, i always pay at the beginning of the month, But SM sent payments too, Without my permission but she tried to canceled the payments so i won't see but i just cancel that, it was really canceled by paypal, So Here i am writing this so everyone can know my side of the story, But I never said any1 names on here except my friend's Nancy that she knows i am writing this, Thank you and have a nice day, Cari